Cervical Disc Arthroplasty RadiographThe Radiographic Research Laboratory has processed over tens of thousands of x-rays to date, highlighting the latest in spinal implants and instrumentation. The largest study, for the Charite Artificial Disc, spanned over five years and included the digitization and evaluation of approximately 20,000 x-rays. Films are tracked using an intricate multi-level system that continually crosses and checks itself, insuring the safety of all original films that enter the lab.

Validated radiographic measurement techniques are available for range of motion, disc heights, neuroforaminal heights, surface and area counts, interpedicular distances and more.

Fluoroscopic Imaging

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Six Degree of Freedom in testing
mode with C-Arm
Six Degree of Freedom setup
with C-Arm
C-arm in use with Six Degree of
Freedom Spine Simulator
Close-up of Six Degree of Freedom
with C-Arm
Fluoroscopic imaging can be used to detect the vetebral centers of rotation.
Fluoroscopic imaging is used to determine implant placement
Fluoroscopic imaging is used to guide in the proper
placement of the spinal implant
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